Respoke Office Furniture

Do you believe kitting out your office shouldn’t cost the earth? So do we. We can help you rethink your plans with our hybrid bespoke/respoke approach to sustainable workplaces.

Recycled Furniture

The good news is that only quality office furniture lasts the test of time and Knightstor are continually carrying out clearances throughout the UK to ensure we stock the best range. We stock all the big quality brands from Herman Miller, Senator, Orangebox, Vitra, Steelcase, Senator, and Human Scale.

Recycled Respoke Furniture

Quality recycled office furniture still might not be 100% right for your project, it might be too large, too small or the wrong colour. We take quality used office furniture that needs to be resized or repaired and turn it into the exact size and design you need.

We can:

  • re-powder coat desk frames.
  • rewrap and recut tabletops.
  • replace or repair desk or chair legs.
  • remaster and reupholster chairs.
  • resize and reconfigure desks.
  • repurpose empty portholes with tech bolt-ons.
  • Reupholster seating with your choice of fabric


Your project doesn’t need to be all new, all recycled or all respoke. Many of our clients find a blend of all 3 is for them. This could be recycled or re-powder coated desk frames with new desktops, or recycled desking with new desk screens, the possibilities are endless!

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Respoke Furniture Case Studies

We have been applying our expertise in hybrid, best-of-both office solutions for nearly 40 years.
If you are not convinced that respoke is for you, our case studies and client testimonials speak for themselves.

Take our Double Eleven project.

Read our case studies

Buy Refurbished Office Furniture For Your Work Or Home Office

You can save money without compromise with our recycled office furniture. We are still upcycling and refurbishing office furniture after nearly 40 years, so we know what we are doing!

We keep hundreds of refurbished desks, storage and chairs in our Staffordshire warehouse, ready for quick despatch. We apply rigorous quality tests to all products and give them a deep clean before we ship them.

You could even work from home in style with renovated desks, storage, screens and chairs. Our designer second-hand chair brands include Herman Miller, Senator, Orangebox, Vitra, Steelcase, Senator, and Human Scale.

But be quick! Our stock changes all the time!

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