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From our own locally sourced new office desking and seating, to supplying some of the biggest brands Knightstor have the range to cater for all styles and budgets.

Our own brand framework is made in Yorkshire, desktops in Staffordshire and Kent and seating in Manchester and Birmingham.

We have carefully selected a number of UK brands with a few European brands all of which boast quality and strong sustainable values aligned to our own.


We stand alone and are truly independent with complete autonomy over products we source, this means we offer a range of choices to cover all styles, budgets and required specifications.

If you need new office furniture fast, our 10000 square foot warehouse holds a large range of new furniture for optimum availability without compromising on choice.


We stand behind our British made desking, our new furniture comes with a minimum 5-year manufacturer warranty on chairs and a 10-year warranty on desks.

So, if you focus more on longevity than the label, our brand-new desks and chairs will fit the bill.

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Office furniture is a financeable asset. We can help support spreading the cost of your office project.


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