Layout Planning

Bespoke 3D CAD plans of your office

Take the guesswork out of your office plan. Our layout plans show you exactly what you need and where it will go.

How does it work?

  1. Submit your layout and measurements/ request a Knightstor site survey visit.
  2. Describe what each room is used for.
  3. Let us know how many people/desks per room.
  4. Hit us with your special requests/ preferences/ existing furniture to re<spoke?
  5. Get your complimentary draft 2D/ 3D office layout.

Why is getting office layout so important?

If you want a productive team, you need a well-planned office design.

An average office-based colleague spends over half of their day in an office, the office layout must be both comfortable and functional.

You don’t have to just imagine how your office could look. Knightstor creates bespoke 2D & 3D plans of your office to show you exactly how it could look and where each team sits. Meaning you know you

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